Sink Attachments

It is a very useful set for fixing the low level sinks.


Low level sink hooks

The low-level sink hooks is very useful and convenient attaching kit for low-level sinks.

This includes: a brass anchor, a socket set screw, a nut, a 20 mm. washer and a 12 mm. washer.

Brass anchor options:
a) 16 mm. long, 5 mm. diameter
b) 11 mm. long, 5 mm. diameter (it is perfect for 2 cm. thickness marble)

Unlike the conventional ones, this kit only requires a 5 mm. diameter hole. This is a competitive advantage considering the hardness of the countertop materials as well as the laboriousness and risk when making bigger diameters.

Having the socket set screw an exact length screw is unnecessary. Depending on the sink model and the hole made, frequently the screws end up being too long or too short. That forces the installation personnel to solve a problem in an instant, thus increasing the time needed to fulfill the job and its level of difficulty.

Apart form the above, the assembly and installation is often executed at customer’s home and sometimes in narrow places. So, it is very beneficial to count on our reliable, fast and safe system.

Once the socket set screw is tightened we can place the fastening sheet and screw the nut adequately.

The kit’s components are stainless: the anchor is made of brass and the rest of the parts are made of stainless steel. Two washers are included (different diameters) in order to choose the best one according to the sink.

In order to obtain an optimum grip with the brass anchor: make a 5 mm. hole, clean the gap with compressed air, apply a few drops of glue, putt he anchor and the socket screw and screw in strong. Move it away once the glue hardens a bit.

According to the certificates and reports of the APPLUS laboratory, you will achieve safety anchor points by following these instructions. Each screw will support more than 100 kg

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